About The Mandate

The Issachar Mandate is a teaching and commentary blog that focuses on calling the Church to awaken to Her destiny as the Bride of Christ. It is the conviction of the author that most of the Western organized church is spiritually asleep and dull of hearing; that the Church desperately needs to return to normal biblical Christianity; that the Church must be prepared for the difficult times that lie just ahead; and that an understanding of the biblical risen Jesus, combined with tough love, is required for the Church to take up Her role as the spotless Bride who has “made Herself ready.”

The name of this blog comes from a reference to men of the tribe of Issachar in the book of I Chronicles:

And of the tribe of Issachar were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do. (I Chronicles 12:32)

The Spirit is now speaking to the Church to awaken and to discern the times and seasons that are upon us. As in Jesus’ day, far too many church leaders lack an understanding of what the scriptures teach regarding the coming of Messiah. The Jews were expecting a conquering king and were offended when Jesus came as a suffering servant. Today, much of the church is looking for the return of a “meek and mild” Jesus who is coming to take them away to heaven, not knowing that scripture foretells His coming the second time as the conquering King, Judge of the Nations, and Bridegroom to the Church. Many will be offended again when He does not come in a way that matches the popular teachings of men. History not learned from is doomed to repeat itself.

We must not only have understanding of the times, but we must also know what the Church and Israel ought to do. Insight into the correct response is found in the book of Joel and the calling of solemn assemblies for fasting and prayer, national repentance, and seeking God with wholeheartedness. The articles presented here not only seek to call the Church to an awareness of the times, but also to know what we ought to do in light of the season we now face.

The Issachar Mandate Blog is dedicated to presenting what the scriptures actually teach regardless of how they may contradict the modern templates that much of the church uses to filter what they believe. Jesus is coming; people get ready!