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Speaking Invitations

Greg is available to address your church, youth group, or any gathering of those interested in biblical eschatology or other topics of current relevance to the Church. While the tone of this blog may be resolute and even stern at times, remember that words on a page are rather one dimensional. Rest assured you will find Greg to be a captivating speaker who loves people and who has a passion to see the Church come to full stature. Greg has many years of public speaking experience, and he uses humor and many anecdotes from his own life as a business owner and disciple of Jesus to illustrate his points.

Greg does not charge a fee to speak to your group, except for his expenses. These may include gas or air fare, meals, hotel, etc. Because it is biblical for the Church to support those who feed Her, a love offering will be accepted at your discretion but is not required.

Submitting Comments

Comments and suggestions are welcome! Any criticisms that are submitted in an attitude of humility and with a sincere desire for biblical Truth will be considered. Please understand that this is a teaching blog and not a debate forum. Argumentative comments will not be responded to.


Questions are welcome. Since much of the writing on this blog is not typical Sunday morning “Sermonettes for Christianettes” material, it is understandable that questions may arise. Please feel free to ask them!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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