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Evaluating Theological Ideas

CS Lewis once compared theology to a map of the ocean. Certainly walking on a beautiful beach is far more enjoyable and real than looking at a paper map that shows the ocean. But the map was created from the observations and experiences of many people who had sailed the ocean, making it quite valuable to anyone who wanted to get to a country on the other side. In the same way, theology may seem dry compared to experiencing the presence of God, but it is a valuable tool for those who want to know God deeply.

The world is filled with ideas about theology; so is the church. The world’s ideas are invariably incorrect because as Paul tells us, the natural man cannot understand spiritual things. They are foolishness to him because they can only be discerned spiritually. By “spiritually”, Paul means the man who has submitted his life and intellect to God and has learned to judge all things by correctly applying the Scriptures. New Age spiritualism is excluded. In fact, some modern spiritualists are more lost in wrong theology than the mere atheist. [Read more…]