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The Absolute Necessity of the Book of Revelation

Recently I was speaking with a young friend of mine concerning the state of his local church. He told me that he was frustrated with the lukewarm spiritual atmosphere of the church, including the youth group. “Why is it,” he asked me, “that we never hear any teaching from the book of Revelation?” It was no surprise to me that neglect of this amazing and powerful prophecy was linked with a dull and ineffective church. [Read more…]

Outside the Camp

One of the most compelling emotions we feel as humans is the desire to belong, to be included. For some of us, the exclusion from popular cliques in school remains as painful childhood memories. We sometimes spend a lot of money for memberships to various groups so that we can be a part of the club. Nobody truly wants to be an outsider, despite the claims and lifestyle of some. [Read more…]