End Times Refocused Conference

It is imperative that Christians understand what the Scriptures teach about the end of this current age. Far too many believers ignore the subject of the End Times despite the fact that the coming Day of the Lord is one of the most emphasized topics in the Bible. Many others hold to unbalanced or unbiblical doctrines that are rooted in decades of error.

The End Times Refocused conference, to be held in Las Vegas on August 7-9 2014, takes a fresh look at Eschatology through the lens of the Bible centered on Israel with a Middle East Pardigm. Many modern ideas about End Time prophecy will be examined in light of what Scripture actually teaches. Speakers include New York Times Best Selling author Joel Richardson (Islamic Antichrist, Mideast Beast), Mark Davis (author of Daniel Revisited), Alan Kurschner (author of Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord), Nelson Waters (www.thegospelintheendtimes.com), Greg Maxwell (theissacharmandate.com) and others.

One of the greatest challenges facing the Last Days Church will be disillusionment when world-shaking events occur in ways that most Christians are not expecting, and even more importantly, when expected events don’t take place. Jesus’ own disciples were caught completely off guard by His crucifixion and ascension, not knowing the Scriptures. Take the time to attend this important conference and learn about what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church in this hour of preparation.

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