God vs Gays: My Response to Brandon Ambrosino

It has been a long time coming, and the day has finally arrived. The supreme court of the United States has declared that gay marriage must be allowed in all fifty states as a matter of law. Like many conservative Christians, I am saddened and alarmed by the decision. There are two primary reasons for my concern, and it may surprise some readers (and my gay friends) to learn that gay people marrying one another is not my chief concern. [Read more…]

The Gospel of Christ Crucified

Every once in a great while, you meet someone who has a profound impact on your life. One such person in my own journey is John Harrigan. John’s message of the cross, and his emphasis on seeing the entire Bible in the correct context of the Day of the Lord and the coming Messianic kingdom, has had a major influence on me and my view of Scripture. This alone would make John a powerful person to know, but he is also one of the most humble, nicest guys you would ever meet.

Now, after five years of hard work, John has completed a book that is sure to impact the Church in a powerful way. There are many books and ministries and many of them are valuable and bearing good fruit; this volume is much more than just another good new book. Would you join me in helping John with the publishing costs? In doing so, you will not only be helping a true man of God with a message for this moment in time, but you will be participating in the restoration of the true Apostolic Gospel to this generation. This is not an exaggeration; I believe it to be the truth.

Please click here to donate, and thank you!

Making Biblical Sense of the Blood Moons

On April 15, 2014 there was a lunar eclipse. As it happens, this was not simply an ordinary stand-alone eclipse but rather the first in a series of four lunar eclipse events called a Tetrad. The four lunar eclipse events of 2014 and 2015 are being called “blood moons.” What is a blood moon? And how did this term come into popular use among modern day Christians? [Read more…]

Your Best Life Later

What is Christianity? Is it a religion or a relationship? Is it a lifestyle or a set of beliefs? In the simplest terms, Christianity means to be like Christ. It means to become a follower of Jesus, turning all of our life and ourselves over to Him. To many in the West, however, Christianity has become a generic program of self-improvement that promises them “their best life now!” Nothing could be further from the truth. [Read more…]

Last Days Revival and Biblical Hope

Like many Christians, I am praying for a national spiritual awakening in America. I’m not talking about temporary religious piety such as was seen in the weeks following the terrorist attacks on 9-11. Rather, I am referring to a full blown Great Awakening that changes the culture and brings the nation back to God in a deep way. [Read more…]

Evaluating Theological Ideas

CS Lewis once compared theology to a map of the ocean. Certainly walking on a beautiful beach is far more enjoyable and real than looking at a paper map that shows the ocean. But the map was created from the observations and experiences of many people who had sailed the ocean, making it quite valuable to anyone who wanted to get to a country on the other side. In the same way, theology may seem dry compared to experiencing the presence of God, but it is a valuable tool for those who want to know God deeply.

The world is filled with ideas about theology; so is the church. The world’s ideas are invariably incorrect because as Paul tells us, the natural man cannot understand spiritual things. They are foolishness to him because they can only be discerned spiritually. By “spiritually”, Paul means the man who has submitted his life and intellect to God and has learned to judge all things by correctly applying the Scriptures. New Age spiritualism is excluded. In fact, some modern spiritualists are more lost in wrong theology than the mere atheist. [Read more…]

Telling the Truth Does Not Set You Free

Like many cycling enthusiasts, I watched the career of Lance Armstrong unfold. I was inspired by his fight against cancer, and using his fame and success to launch the Livestrong Foundation. I was deeply saddened to see it all come crashing down over the last few months of 2012. In January of the New Year, Lance admitted not only to being a rule breaker but also a liar, a bully, and a vengeful destroyer of other peoples’ lives. [Read more…]

Who Wrote the Book of Love?

When you hear the name “God”, what image comes to your mind? Our brain is hard-wired to think in terms of pictures. Each one of us has tens of thousands of mental images stored in our brains that instantly come to mind when we hear words or phrases. Someone says “dog” and one thousand people will instantly call to mind one thousand different mental images of what “dog” means to them. [Read more…]

Outside the Camp

One of the most compelling emotions we feel as humans is the desire to belong, to be included. For some of us, the exclusion from popular cliques in school remains as painful childhood memories. We sometimes spend a lot of money for memberships to various groups so that we can be a part of the club. Nobody truly wants to be an outsider, despite the claims and lifestyle of some. [Read more…]

Does the Blood of Jesus Make Us Worthy?

Every so often I come across an idea that is held by most professing Christians, myself included, that turns out not to be supported by scripture. I am not referring to silly sayings such as, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, or, “God helps those who help themselves.” I’m talking about theological positions that have been repeated for so long that they have become a part of our mindset. One such idea is the belief that we are made worthy by the blood of Jesus. Recently I felt prompted to investigate this claim, and what I found was both humbling and illuminating. [Read more…]