Why Are Evangelicals Supporting Donald Trump?

Last evening I watched the South Carolina Republican Primary returns with a heavy heart. For the record, I am a registered Republican and about as conservative as they come. But more than that, I am a disciple of Jesus and a man who strives to put loyalty to the Kingdom of God ahead of all other personal and political alliances. From my perspective, Senator Ted Cruz is the man most qualified as both a Christian and a conservative to serve as the next president of the United States. And so it was with disappointment that I watched as Mr. Cruz finished in a statistical tie for second place with Senator Marco Rubio, also a fine man. [Read more…]

The Absolute Necessity of the Book of Revelation

Recently I was speaking with a young friend of mine concerning the state of his local church. He told me that he was frustrated with the lukewarm spiritual atmosphere of the church, including the youth group. “Why is it,” he asked me, “that we never hear any teaching from the book of Revelation?” It was no surprise to me that neglect of this amazing and powerful prophecy was linked with a dull and ineffective church. [Read more…]

Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

A couple of years ago, a pastor with whom I am familiar stopped by to see me. During the conversation, he enthusiastically told me about a new book he was reading. The core premise of the book (which shall go unnamed in order to avoid giving it publicity) is that the church is losing twenty-to-thirty year olds in huge numbers because the church has lost its social relevancy. The book uses a lot of polling data to make its point, and one of the strongest negative responses from this age demographic is related to the church and politics. According to the poll results cited, these young adults are very turned off by any Christian involvement in the political arena. (I would dryly observe that judging by the type of questions asked in the polls, it appears what these young people actually oppose is conservative politics. Who woulda thought?) [Read more…]